German Hunting Dagger


German Hunting Dagger

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German Hunting Dagger with "WEYERSBERG & Co SOLNIGER" Makers Mark. Blade is not sharp, engraved with "hunting" motifs on both sides and has "Aaidmannsheil" engraved on one side. Very nice stag handle, Crossguard on both sides of the center mount are both in the shape of animals (a boar and a deer). Between the crossguard and the blade there is a very nice round piece overlapsing the blade (also with animal designs engraved on it). The ends of the scabbered are metalic and the middle is wrapped in a very nice dark brown leather. The scabbered has a metalic pocket (that has a bonning knife) with a gold acorn onthe  front side of the pocket. Item is in very good condition, very nice detail and little wear.

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