WWI German Lion Head Short 23" Blade Personalized Sword with Portapee


WWI possibly pre WWI German short (blade measures 23" ,overall length 28") lion head ruby eyes sword with Imperial German golden/green portapee. We believe it was given as an award to artillery soldier, possibly for his achievement, the cross guard and handle have multiple motives, one of them looks like iron cross, also two cannons with flags and cannon balls (see photo for details).

Sword was made by WK&C (marked on the ricasso under the cross guard along with the king's head and knight head) and was sold by "Jos. Vierheilig, Muchen" (name engraved on the edge of the blade). sword was personalized with the owners's name "Emil S./L. Pips?"(also engraved on the side of the sword close to the cross-guard). Blade double engraved with "In Treue Fest" motto. 

The sword is in rough condition, the blade has multiple rust spots and light pitting, tip still nice and sharp. The plastic part of the hilt has a crack under the lion's head. The wire is loose along the handle, cross guard, lion head part are in good condition. 

The sword doesn't come with scabbard. 

Comes with an Imperial German golden sword portapee, in good shape.

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