Pre WWII German Military Horse Hair Backpack SACHS & DEISSELBERG Hamburg 1937



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 Great piece, 1937 German military backpack. The front is made of horse hair, the rest is canvas, leather and wood. Item is in good used condition, numerous markings. On the back is missing one of the shoulder straps and there is a stain of white paint on the canvas and leather part. The front is in excellent condition, complete with both closing straps and hardware.The inside of the cover side also complete with a strap and buckle, fabric in good condition, no holes, some light stains. The interior cover has two separate stamps reading "AD GAU I AD Gr.11" and "9 37 RADBAB". The main compartments is surrounded by four wood sides, has two more straps and buckles.On the bottom there are two metal hooks. The back side of the backpack has a tear in fabric and markings in blue pen on the top underneath the leather part (hard to tell the exact content .....58513 Trupp 5). The shoulder strap has numerous markings and stamps on the leather part and hardware.

This is a unique item, hard to come across, in good used condition (with the exception of the missing strap), ideal for any military items collector.

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